FLV to Mp3

There are several ways to convert an Flv file to mp3, you can do it online through a website or you can download a software that gets the job done. Personally, I don’t like to download softwares to my computer, especially if they are free. However, there are a couple of websites out there that have a great reputation, so I guess it would be okay using those. The only thing I like about downloading and using software is that you can access the application at any time, so it doesn’t matter if the website where you normally convert files is down or unavailable. I prefer converting files online using one of the resources that you’ll find on the list below.

How to Convert FLV to Mp3

1. flv2mp3

Simply visit www.flv2mp3.com, then copy/paste the URL of your favorite video and click “Convert to Mp3″, their service will immediately convert it to mp3 format, and then you can use it however you want. This is an online service, you don’t have to download anything to convert files to your favorite format.

2. flvto

Visit www.flvto.com, then copy and paste the url of the media that you want to convert and click the “Convert to Mp3″ button. FlvTo is known for its quality and it is also an online service, meaning that you won’t have download or install files on your computer.

3. online-convert.com

Visit audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3, upload your music and download the MP3 version within a couple of seconds. You can also upload video files from sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc, and extract the audio track to MP3.

4. CNET FLV Converter

CNET offers a free converter, but you first have to download and install the software to convert FLV files. Visit download.cnet.com/FLV-to-MP3-Free-Converter/, then click the green button that says “Download Now”, the download button is located right below the title of page, net to the publisher’s description.

5. Softonic

You can also download Softonic’s free converter, simply visit flv-to-mp3-converter.en.softonic.com, click “Free Download” and install the program to get it working.

6. WinXdvd

Go to www.winxdvd.com/flv-to-mp3/ and click the blue “Download” button located below the first paragraph of the page to get it for free.

7. SourceForge

SourceForge also offers a free downloadable software, it is known as Guerrilla Converter. Visit sourceforge.net/projects/guerillaconvert/ and click a green button that says “Download”. Now don’t get confused, because you’ll see many ads that look very similar to the real download button, so just click on the one that’s located on the center of the page and you won’t have any problems.

This list is still a work in progress, if you know about any good FLV to Mp3 converters that we haven’t mentioned here please let us know, we’ll take a look at your suggestion as soon as we read it and if it qualifies we will include it.